Luis Radio, Raffa Scoccia, SuSu Bobien.


Code Red Presents Italy’s Luis Radio’s long awaited production featuring Susu Bobien on Vocals. Gospel House At Its Best!!
Luis Radio & Raffa Scoccia ft. Su Su Bobien-“Believe” (Luigi De Angelis, Raffaele Scoccia, Roni & S. Bobien)
Published by New Kernel Productions sas (SIAE), Fizzy Wine srl (SIAE) & Pavement Productions (BMI)
Produced Arranged & Mixed by Luis Radio & Raffa Scoccia @ Gigi’s “Mama” Studio, Rome-Italy. Drums by Luis Radio. Vocals by Su Su Bobien.
*Remixes Produced and Arranged by DJ Spen & The MuthaFunkaz Keyboards by Gary Hudgins Horns Bennie Cowan, Scott Taylor & Brandon Coalfield Horn Arrangements by Gary Hudgins Horn Session Engineer Irvin Madden Rhythm Tracks and Mix Downs by DJ Spen
1. MuthaFunkaz Praise & Worship Mix 8.41*
2. Dj Spen Can’t Get Enough Dub 6.06*
3. Original Mix 5.40
4. Room Mix 5.52
5. Original Instrumental 5.40
6. Room Instrumental 5.52
7. MuthaFunkaz Praise & Worship Trax 8.41*